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The purchase of your first home is one of the major milestones in anyone’s life. Not only can it be an event filled with excitement, emotion and anxiety, but also one of the largest investments that you can make. Because Atlantis Homes knows this, we’ve put together a list of steps that you can take to ensure your manufactured or modular home buying process is well though out and runs smoothly so that you can experience the pleasure satisfaction of being a home owner. Your biggest benefit in the purchase of your manufactured or modular home is the many available options. Download this guide to help with your home buying process.

  • Set your budget
  • Evaluate your home needs and wants
  • Choose your home location
  • Insure your investment
  • Preventative Maintenance


What can you afford to spend on your new manufactured or modular home? Your monthly loan payments should be 25 to 33 percent of your monthly gross income. Atlantis Homes highly-trained and seasoned professionals are always here to help you understand your financing options as there are many available for purchasing a manufactured or modular home.


Determine what size home is going to be best to suit you and your family’s needs and what features you feel will be important in your new home. Atlantis Homes is Delmarva’s leading manufactured and modular home retailer and specializes in finding just the right home for your needs, both now and in the future. Our broad selection of new manufactured and modular homes is designed to meet the needs of new families, growing families needing more space, and retirees desiring a practical, low-maintenance home.


One of the best things about purchasing a manufactured or modular home is that you choose the location of where it’s placed. Those who already have land may decide to place their home on an already existing empty lot. If this is the case for you, your next step is to have your lot inspected to ensure it is in compliance with your state housing regulations, local zoning regulations and has no restrictive covenants. If you plan to site your home in a manufactured or modular community, you will most likely not own the land but rather lease it.


Like a traditional site-built home, manufactured and modular homes should have home owner’s insurance coverage. Coverage and pricing will vary depending on your insurance company and coverage choices. Shopping around for insurance is generally the best way to find the most coverage for the most affordable premium.


Once you have ensured the proper installation of your manufactured or modular home, you should read the Manufacturers Owner’s Manual. In order to keep any home in good condition, you should perform preventative maintenance. This will this make the home more comfortable to live in help in preventing potentially costly repairs in the future and help it retain its resale value.


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